Press Brake Forming & Bending

At Rex Industries we offer sheet metal braking services to our customers since 1937. During our sheet metal braking process we use an open-frame single action press to bend, blank, corrugate, curl, notch, perforate, pierce, or punch sheet metal or plate. We operate three CNC press brakes with a maximum capacity of 350 tons able to break 16′ of 1″ mild steel plate. Rex Industries has various Press Brakes used for Forming and Bending. They range in size from a 50 ton press to a 350 ton press.


  • 18 ft. deck – 3/16” and ¼” plate
  • 3” DIE 3/8” plate, 4” DIE ½” plate, 6” DIE bend
  • ¾” plate, 1” plate
  • 16 ft between frame, 15 ft., 10 ft., 8 ft., long bend

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