Drilling & Tapping

Drilling at Rex Industries is accomplished using various drill machines.

Four of the machines are Natco Drill machines of various sizes the largest having a table size of 24″ X 48″ and the smallest with a l2″ X 24″ table. These machines can drill up to 42 holes on one stroke using fixtures that locate the hole in various hinges, extrusions and castings.

Drilling is also performed on a Bridgeport Knee Mill which can accurately locate holes. Drilling and tapping is performed on a Kingsbury 12 Station Index Machine (6 Station Drilling/6 Station Tapping) which has a rotary indexer which allows the parts to be drilled and tapped in the same fixture that moves from station to station. The holes can be drilled either horizontally or vertically in the part.

Parts that have been drilled and need tapping are tapped using a Clausing Tapper which taps pre-drilled holes one at a time.

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