Finishing & Powder Coating

Finishing of parts can be done using a variety of coating processes including: powder coating, enamel wet coating, CARC painting and chemical conversion coating (for aluminum).

Powder coating of metal goods is completed using a complete wash/powder coat system. This system is able to handle a part with outside dimensions of 4′ x 8′ x 11′.

The system runs parts through using a continuous overhead chain conveyor. The wash system is a 5 stage wash system using 2 wash cycles, 2 rinse cycles and a final phosphate sealing cycle.

The parts are then force air dried in a dry off oven. After dry off the parts are coated in an enclosed booth using both automatic and manual spray equipment. Finally, the coating is cured in a gas-heated bake oven.

The other wet coatings are applied using manual spray equipment by experienced operators in an OSHA approved paint booth.

A series of dip tanks are used to apply the chemical conversion coatings.

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